Equine assisted therapy in Murrieta, CA

Discover the Healing Power of Equine Therapy

Try a different approach to therapy in Murrieta, CA

Have you tried conventional therapy but are looking for something more? We've found that experiential therapy working with horses helps clients heal from the inside out. That's why Jan York offers the experiential therapy with horses to clients just like you.

Janice E. York MFT is certified in equine assisted therapy, trained by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA). If you choose to give equine assisted therapy a try, she can guide you through the process. Start the healing process as you build relationships with the horses. Call Jan today for more information or to schedule a session.

Start healing when you build an equine relationship

Equine therapy can help you:

  • Release built-up stress as you work with the horses on the ground
  • Learn the skills of relationships with a horse to apply in your personal life
  • Become more aware of your emotions and how they affect others
  • Build interpersonal relationship skills
  • Learn to regulate emotions and turn aggressive behavior into positive assertions

Are you ready to try a new approach to your counseling? Call Jan York and ask about equine assisted therapy. We also work with children affected by divorce to reestablish a healthy relationship with both parents.