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Raising a family in a traditional setting can be difficult enough. We work with individuals, teens (12-18 years old), couples and families.

Jan York is a therapist that looks at the family system when working with both individuals and families, meaning that she looks at the family of origin as well as the current family and work with what is currently happening as a family unit to affect change in one's life. We use several different therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive, Behavioral, Experiential, Family Systems, Motivational, Client Centered.

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Do you need one-on-one therapy? During an individuals session, we gain a family history to look back long enough to get moving ahead in your life. Sometimes you get stuck and are unsure how you got there. It could be depression, anxiety, employment issues, friend and family history, conflict, personal self doubt issues or even physical or mental health issues that is putting up the road block in your life. Jan York works with the whole person: body, mind and spirit, to determine if there needs to be a referral to another professional in our journey forward.