Online therapy in Murrieta, CA

Online Counseling is Becoming a Couseling Service of the Future

Janice York is working to develop these unique online therapy services within her practice

Janice York realizes how difficult it can be to make time for appointments. Between picking up the kids, going to work and keeping house, it seems like there’s no time to spare. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to attend therapy appointments from the comfort of your own home? Janice York has the solution- online counseling, or online therapy.

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Making appointments together with a spouse and family members can be challenging. That’s why Janice York offers online counseling that you can attend right from the comfort of your own home. Our online therapy utilizes a system that allows us to speak with our clients and their families face to face through a confidential, secure website. You don’t have to put your life on hold to get the counseling you and your family needs.

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We Can Overcome This Tough Time Together

Get the help you need with online counseling services in Murrieta, CA

We're living in strange times. The uncertainty of the future paired with the never-ending stream of unfortunate news makes day-to-day living a real chore. To better serve our clients in the midst of this global pandemic, Janice E. York MFT is offering online counseling services & online therapy services.

Teletherapy is an effective tool used to treat common challenges, like anxiety and depression. Whether you need assistance with your interpersonal relationships or individual counseling, you can count on Janice E. York to help.

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Your solution is at your fingertips

As we navigate this new norm, Teletherapy is making waves as one of the most efficient, convenient and cost-effective forms of therapy available, especially in Murrieta, CA. Since telemedicine focuses on a wide variety of health care services, therapists can connect with their clients on a broader scale. Not to mention, it's easier for clients to express themselves in their own comfort zone.

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