Pre-Marital and Marital Trainings

 80 hours + in Mediation training (for working to decide to save the relation or divorce. I help in the communication skills needed to have a more amicable way)
 4 years with Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group (Divorcing a better way to cut down on collateral damage to the children)
 Co-Parenting and Shared Parenting Training (helping parents parent together after or during a divorce)
 Parent-Teen Trainings (Transitioning between child to adult can be difficult for parents and teens to manage without some help)
 Parent Project Trainer (Parenting a teen exhibiting destructive behaviors)
 Training in Child trauma due to separation and divorce (often a child will cling to one and alienate the other parent – helping a child to understand how they can love both is a key to a children’s mental and emotional health.)


Licensed Marriage Family Therapist 2009
MS in Marriage, Family Child Counseling (MFCC), California State University, Sacramento
BA in Psychology, graduated Cum Laude from the California State University, Sacramento: Psi Chi Honor Society
AA in Human Services, Cosumnes River College: Phi Theta Kappa Society
Attended Bethany College, Santa Cruz: Major in Bible & Music

Continuing Education


• Problem & Pathological Gambling Phase II yearly training, Cal Gets April 19, 2016.


• Internet Addiction, Robert Pellerin, MFT, PhD, September 19, 2015
• Fundamentals if EAGALA Model Practice Part II: Lynn Thomas Placerville, CA 2nd time as required for Advanced Certification Total 80 hours of training June 11-13 2015
• Two-day Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training Refresher by Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group February 20 - 21 2015


• “What Does the Law Expect of Me?” Part IV (Law & Ethics) David Jensen, CAMFT
• Healthy Family Systems in Family Law: How Do We Get There from Here? Oct 2014
• EAGALA Certified Therapist June 2014
• “Divorce Restructuring the Family” Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP, June 2014
Military Culture 2013 May 2014
• Fundamentals of Eagala Model Practice II, April 2014
• Association of Family and Conciliation Courts of California presented:
• Cyberbullying, Sexting & Sextortion: Effects of Minors & in the Context of Domestic Violence
• Working with Complex Collaborative Family Law Cases
• Parenting Plans for Children
• Intervention with Children Who Resist or Refuse Post Separation Contact with a Parent
• Split: Children Speak About Divorce
• Domestic Violence
• Problem & Pathological Gambling Phase II


• Scared Stiff: Fast Drug Free Treatment for Anxiety Disorders, David Burns, MD
• Fundamentals of Eagala Model Practice I, December 2013
• Codependency, Shield Walker
• What Does the Law Expect of Me Part III (Law & Ethics) David Jensen, CAMFT
• Introduction to Problem Gambling
• Counseling the Pathological Gambler
• 40-hour Divorce Mediation Training, Sharon Kaplan
• The Essentials of a Family Law Case
• Noxious People: Living and Working with High Conflict Individuals


• Video Games: Fun Compulsion or Addiction, Bill Wright CAMFT
• Treatment of Severe Trauma & Dissociative Disorders, Benjamin Keys, PhD
• How to Build Your Mediation Practice from the Inside Out, Sharon Kaplan
• Overview of Mediation Process, Sharon Kaplan
• Taking the War Out of Words: Powerful Use of Non-Defensive Communication, Sharon Strand Ellison


• Prepare/Enrich
• Developing Treatment Plan for the Eating Disordered Patients, Summit
• Problem Gambling Cultural Competency
• Calif. Problem Gambling: Treatment Services Program Training, Beit T Shuvah
• TMS – An Innovative treatment for Depression, Richard Bermudes, MD
• Impasse Breaking Techniques for Mediators, Sharon Kaplan
• Common Mistakes Mediators Make, Sharon Kaplan


• Practical Tools to Improve the Collaborative Process, Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group
• Screening, Brief Intervention & Referrals to Treatment Training for Trauma, Emergency Dept and Primary are Personnel, UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
• 40-hour Mediation Intensive Training Program, The Center for Understanding in Conflict/Center for Mediation in Law, Marin County, CA.
• Faith in Crisis Academy, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento, CA
• Shared Parenting Support Program, Carol Greenfield, MFT
• Critical Incident Stress Management: Group Crisis Intervention, David Williams


• Two-Day Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training, Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group
• A Cultural Perspective: Working with Military and Their Families, CAMFT


• 80- hours of Crisis Mental Health Training with El Dorado County Mental Health. Began working as on-call Crisis Mental Health Clinician when I was relieved of position due to budget cuts in Dec 2008.
• Effective Outpatient Treatment for Adolescents & Young Adults Experiencing Substance Abuse and Addiction, Jon Daily, LCSW & David Gust, NCAC II, CDAC II,
• Functional Family Therapy Clinical Training (FFT), James Alexander, Ph.D., January 2007 - 2009
• Parent Project Senior Facilitator Training “Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior”, October 2006
• Affect Management Skills Training: John Omaha, PhD Tools for Emotion Regulation and Affect Centered Therapy, June/September 2006
• Personality Development in Children with Disrupted Attachment: Risks & Repair, Vivienne Roseby, PhD, January 2006
• Healing Attachment Trauma From Theory to Therapy: Mary Main, PhD, Erik Hesse, PhD, Robert Neborsky, MD, R.Cassidy Seminars October 2005
• 65-hour State Certification for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Women Escaping A Violent Environment (W.E.A.V.E.), Sacramento, CA 2002. Continue to hold certification through 2014