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Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

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Maybe you and your spouse want to rekindle your passion. Maybe you and a friend or business partner are having trouble solving problems. Couples therapy can help you improve your communication skills, restore your connection and redefine your commitments.

Janice E. York MFT offers co-parenting counseling and marriage counseling for Murrieta, CA residents. She can help you and your partner work through the challenges in your relationship.

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3 misconceptions about couples therapy

Because of the stigma surrounding counseling, there are many misconceptions about seeking professional help. Here are a few of the myths regarding couples counseling:

  1. Couples therapy is only for married couples. Actually, couples therapy works for any kind of partnership, including relationships between two siblings, coworkers, business partners and friends.
  2. Couples therapy is only for people who have serious problems. While couples therapy certainly helps partners learn to overcome major obstacles, it also helps them confront everyday challenges, such as stress and miscommunication.
  3. Couples therapy is only for people who are thinking about divorce. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many Murrieta, CA couples seek counseling to set expectations for their relationship, revive their romance or solve a current problem.

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