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Family Counseling Services

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Family doesn't always refer to people who are related by blood. Family can be any group of people who provide long-term support to one another. Healthy families have a positive impact on one's mental state. Conflict or traumatic events can strain familial relationships, which is why it's important to seek family therapy during times of crisis.

Janice E. York MFT is a therapist who provides family counseling to residents of the Murrieta, California area. To schedule an appointment for family counseling services, call 530-306-3609 today.

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Families who seek counseling do so to improve their communication skills, reduce conflict and maintain healthy boundaries. Janice York assists Murrieta, CA families as they work through:

Major life changes. Families who are relocating to Cameron Park, going through a divorce, adopting a child or fostering children may choose family therapy to learn how to support one another better.
Traumatic events. Counseling can help families learn how to cope after a natural disaster, domestic violence or a death in the family.
Mental health struggles. If a family member is struggling with addiction, depression or an eating disorder, counseling can teach the rest of the family how to empathize and provide support.

Every family has its challenges. Janice York can help your family work through your unique struggles. Schedule an appointment with a family therapist in Murrieta, CA by contacting Janice York today.